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Within the last decade, Cornwall has seen a sharp increase in type two diabetes and obesity related illness, putting enormous amount of strain not only on our health but that of the local NHS. In fact it is estimated, that 10 per cent of hospital admissions are related to both conditions. This figure is set to rise by 2035 and if we don’t act soon, future generations are looking at greater risks to health such as amputation surgery. Putting vast amount of strain on an already over stretched NHS. The worst part is…. Both conditions are preventable and we could help reduce the risk if we just took a little bit more control of our waist lines.

So back in June 2018, Cornwall Can went live with the small ambition to help the county of Cornwall lose weight with an aim to improve the lives and health of those signed up. We watched in amazement as over 500 people took part to lose weight, walking, increasing exercise, sharing recipes online under the hashtag #CornwallCan on social media. Despite not getting to the original target of 50,000lb the people of Cornwall proved to the rest of the UK that it can be done and together lost 2,000lb between them- a tremendous effort.

Now heading into 2020, we want to build on the success, by getting more and more people involved across the county. Offering a unique online social movement whereby people can come together, share experiences, recipes and embrace the Cornish Community to encourage one another. Because lets face it, trying to lose weight alone, can be an uphill struggle.

Look out for our hashtag #CORNWALLCAN on social media

Cornwall Can
Cornwall Can
It was a hard decision but it’s the right thing to do. Thank you to everyone for making Cornwall Can amazing!

Cornwall Can
Cornwall Can
Cornwall Can
Wow! Where does the time go?
It’s on this day two years ago that Cornwall Can went live with its weight loss challenge. The goal was simple, to get as many people as possible to take part and collectively loose weight, improving their health along the way.
Granted we didn’t reach the overall target of 50,000lb but we watched in wonder as over 700 people across the county of Cornwall took part. Dancing, walking and running their way to victory! We have watched the individuals, teams and our very our #cornishheros smash through personal goals, find new ways to feel confident I their own skin and share with others recipes and success.
We are so proud of every single person that has taken part so far, it has been an inspiration to watch you all make those small changes that in time will benefit your health for the good.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the sheer support, love and kind words that the supporters, family and friends have given along the way too. It means the world that you continue to encourage the project.

So what’s next for us?
Over the coming months there remains a lot of uncertainty on the Covid front, so we are taking this time to reflect, spend time with loved ones and simply relax. (Occasionally throw in some pictures or a wiggle Wednesday). We also understand that meetings up for walks like usual may be tricky, or even sharing the recipes to healthy food is hard. Because it’s hard to know what’s o the shelves at the local supermarkets (still can’t buy flour here). We will keep you posted in the coming weeks on the future of Cornwall Can. remember please stay safe And thank you xxxxx
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Cornwall Can
Cornwall Can
Cornwall Can
Good morning everyone!
(👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼) The last few weeks have been incredibly difficult for many of us for all sorts of reasons. So we want to know what’s keeping you motivated, giving you that get up and go!

For us it’s definitely the kids, last week our 2 year decided he wanted to see some trains. So we’ve been walking a 4 mile round trip to try and catch a glimpse of the trains that come in at the local station. Not only is it keeping us very fit but the change of scenery is doing us all the world of good! Especially the kids!
So we want to know where are your adventures taking you now that some of the restrictions have been lifted? Have you discovered any new hobbies or adventures outside? If so we would love to see and hear about them. You never know it might also help someone else and give them a boost too!
#motivationmonday #hobbies #lockdown #covid19 #staysafe #exercise #adventures #walking #trains #CornwallCan
Cornwall Can
Cornwall Can
Ever had “one of those days”

You know the ones, the stressed out, can’t manage the simple tasks and everything just seems a little bit too much sort of days?

Yeah, we know.
We have days like that too!

Your inside, the weather is awful, the kids just don’t seem to stop, your support network is temporarily suspended and even the shopping is stressful. In fact at the minute these feelings of anxiety and stress are normal.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to take back control and have some time out, to say no and to just stop. Even if it’s for only 5 minutes. This down time helps us to refocus our energy, gives us some breathing space and helps us to reset. It’s very valuable to our mental and physical health.

So today we are celebrating #selfcaresunday inspired by this wonderful picture we found via google images. Starting with a well deserved cup of tea (Or even going for a wee in peace and quite) when the kids have a nap!

However we also wanted to to share the anxiety check via the NHS website (see below), this also includes the numbers for @samaritanscharity for those who aren’t managing ok at the minute, that’s perfectly normal too. It’s ok to ask for help, to talk to someone and there’s nothing to feel ashamed about.


#cornwallcan #selfcaresunday #stress #anxiety #lockdown #covid19 #mentalhealth #stayhome #physicalhealth #selfcare #itsoknottobeok #positivevibes #goodmentalhealth
Cornwall Can
Cornwall Can
Hi everyone!

Today we wanted to share our lockdown adventures with you from the beautiful scenery near our little house! Especially the tree with goggly eyes 🙂

A huge thank you to everyone we saw out and about on our walk today, every single person took the time to say hello- from 2 meters away. But it really did mean a lot to The children. It’s amazing to be apart of a good he Cornish Community!

We would love to see your adventures too!

We hope to see you all soon but for now keep safe!

#besafe #covid19 #dailyexervise #cornishcommunity #staysafe #socialdistancing #walking #adventures #cornwall #liskeard #beautiful #flowers #cornwallcan
Cornwall Can
Cornwall Can
Hi everyone!
Just wanted to check in with you and see how your doing during lockdown.

My virtual door is always open, whether you want to rant about the lack of flour in the supermarket, feeling the pressure of being stuck indoors or just need someone to listen about things. I’m here!

Just drop me a message and we can connect!

#mentalhealthmatters #cornwallcan #itsgoodtotalk #opendoorpolicy 💚💚

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