98 people have lost 170.06lbs so far

Thank you for coming to view this very new website. Cornwall Can has been created to promote health, fitness and wellbeing across the county of Cornwall.

Recently you may have seen the BBC documentary #BritiansFatFight (if you haven’t it is on iPlayer and is a must).

This highlights a growing concern for a rapid incline in type two diabetes and obesity across the UK; in which 10 per cent of hospital admissions are related each year.

Looking at the Office for National Statistics, the South West is not out of the woods on this matter at all. In fact, both of these matters are effecting more and more of each year. The figures speak for themselves. Putting not only a strain on our own health but that of local NHS.

Like the TV show, this page has been created to inspire the people of Cornwall to get active. To encourage each other and work hard as a big community to help change our own lives.

However for this to work, we need as many people to join as possible. To make the changes and encourage each other. this is a place we’re people can share their stories. Wether it be for losing weight, quitting smoking or just needing advice on local fitness centres and classes in their area. There will be no judgement given to anyone that joins. But together #Cornwallcan

Many thanks for reading