“I’ve always struggled with my weight and body image from a young age. I could say it was my metabolism or my hormones, I have hypothyroidism and PCOS which make it harder for me to lose weight, but also, I don’t move as much or eat as healthy as I should.

I thought Britain’s Fat Fight was really interesting and when Laura started Cornwall Can I asked if I could join in, some of you may remember I used to write about my weight loss journey. Well it has definitely been a journey and one I am determined to complete.

Last year I got married and now my husband and I are hoping to try for a family. With my underactive thyroid and existing fertility problems we know it won’t be easy. Decreasing you BMI to below 30 greatly improves your chance of getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy, and I’d much rather be there than here, (current bmi 34).

Aside from wanting to optimise my chances of a family, losing weight will have many other benefits. Less at risk of diseases, less aches and pains, improved body confidence, more choices of clothes to wear and being able to do more and be more active. There are so many more pros to being a healthy weight, I just wish chocolate didn’t taste so good!”

We look forward to seeing your progress Ali!

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