Good morning ladies and gents,

We couldn’t be happier with the progress of everyone so far. There is now 200 people from across the county of Cornwall, taking part. Every week you continue to amaze us with your strength and determination. We know it’s hard, we are on the journey with you. But keep up the hard work because you are doing something amazing between you! Currently you have all lost 488lb between you and it’s just fantastic! It’s amazing in fact!

Cornwall Can is really growing in strength from all aspects, so thank you for sharing and being a part of it.

We now have over 70 local supporters, ranging from charities, volunteers, gyms right the way through to individuals, universities and medical services. Every single one has been spoken to on individual basis because we want to make sure that they are supporting us and you for the right reasons. In fact they all are so so passionate and helpful. Every single supporter is keen to help in anyway possible.

Inthe last week alone we have had the following supporters join us

Diabetes UK

Michelles weight management

Truro Cycling


Since the start of our campaign in June 2018, our community on social media has blossomed. Our hastag #CornwallCan has been used over 300 times on instagram alone. 400 people on our Facebook group  and we are now on lots of websites too!

This is fantastic, it means people are coming together as a community and sharing their experiences and adventures.

We Couldn’t be happier with the progress online or with those joining in so far.

Don’t forget to check out our free health promotion day on September 24th. There’s lots of people to talk to about different aspects of health. You can even get a free blood pressure check, BMI and healthy snack.

We hope to see you there!