On Sunday 28th April, 2019 we will be cheering on the FLEET runners as they compete in one of the worlds biggest competition. Yes that’s right! This amazing 23 strong Cornish team, will be heading to London to represent FLEET
(Front Line Emergency Equipment Trust) in order to raise money for live saving equipment needed across the county of Cornwall.

We are incredibly proud of their efforts, determination and motivation, especially when it comes to training and commitment. Most of the team are amateur’s and this is the biggest race they have ever faced, but they are definitely showing us what it means to do this as a team. Training hard and working together to support each other, this is absolutely the Cornwall Can motto- for this reason we are proud to have you as our Cornish Hero Team.

We will be tracking their progress throughout the day and sharing it online via social media.

We are extremely proud of you all and we cant wait to watch you fly the Cornish Flag across the capital!