The main objective of this project is to promote healthier living in Cornwall. There is no quick fix solution for the increase to diabetes and obesity, but we can take responsibility for our lifestyle choices. By exercising and making healthier food choices we will significantly reduce our risk of both conditions.

As with any project, there have been both short and long term plans/ goals in place.

The short term plan is to get up and running, getting interest and speaking to local organisations including the council, sports partnerships, local health authorities and sports groups to get #CornwallCan out there. We need as many people to join this project as possible to make it worth while.

Over the coming weeks, there will be an opportunity to sign up to the cause #CornwallCan through the website. This will automatically sign you up to our mailing list but will allow you to join our weight Tracker.

This will involve coming together as one big community, share the journey with a realistic, no pressure goal. That over 18 months the county of Cornwall will have in fact lost a collective of 50,000lbs in weight. Yes this sounds like a lot. But when the population of Cornwall is over half a million strong. Surely it can’t be that hard… right?

So why is it over such a long time?

Because this is not about some hair brained, no calorie, no carbs, no life fad diet. This is about getting it right, making healthy choices, exercising and not starving ourselves to get to our target.

But this is not just about fitness, this is about healthy eating, nutrition and education. We need to be educating everyone on this matter, which is why eventually we want to be a part of nutritional lessons across Cornwall’s schools/ community centres. However, this part of the project is a long way from being in motion.

But the goal is there!