How can you get Involved?

We currently have over 30 buissness a supporting us. From Truro to Saltash. With many offering free taster sessions to let everyone try different activities. This is an extremely generous gesture and many of them are overly keen and motivated to get this project working. Most of all they are keen put in the time and effort to get you started and motivated on your journey.

To the businesses that aren’t fitness related but really want to join in, then please let me know. Even if it’s having the hashtag on display in a ship window. Using the hashtag on your website. Equally think outside the box. This is for everyone. Not just those people who want to lose weight. This is a project for the whole of Cornwall.

Do you own a restaurant or cafe? Could you prephaps offer a lower calorie option on your menu? Or even make the healthier option a lower price? Share a recipe or two with locals or on our group? Or Can you offer a cookery lesson?

Are you a beauty salon or hair dressers? Can you offer incentives to get people motivated? Of course these are examples but absolutely anyone can be involved with this project regardless of their background. Equally the rewards are there for you too. It’s free advertising!

Is your school, college, university or sports group holding an event. Why not use the hashtag #CornwallCan before, during and after the activity?Teachers get your students involved! Are they doing The daily Mile challenge? get the parents involved. Make them do a sports day!

You never know, Bob from Bodmin or Susan from Saltash might be in need of a new challenge. They could be the person your team so desperately needs to win the next cup. But instead they are sat at home watching the Tv and checking out cats on YouTube. Because they just don’t know your club exists. Why not show them? Take pictures and post them online, make videos of you all having fun and being social.

(Obviously Bob and Susan are not based on Real people, this is just an example!)

If you are in anyway interested and you would like to get involved.

even if it’s to host a fund raise event then please email at