Kim actually lives over the border from Cornwall- approximately 3 hours away from Cornwall but has very kindly offered to share her journey with us over the coming months- so for that reason we have made her an honorary Cornish Hero.

“A few things you should know.  I’m Kim, I get married in 2020, I’m a size 18, I have anxiety and depression.  Now all that boring stuff is out there here is why I’m sharing my health and fitness journey! 

The upcoming nuptials is only part of the reason I’m trying to get thinner, healthier and fitter.  I know that in a few years time we are going to want a family so why not make sure I’m in the best shape I can be.  I have also noticed that my weight also has a massive impact on my mental health. 

The bigger I get the harder it is to love myself! 

Cornwall can has changed how I look at health and fitness, it has shown me that you don’t need fancy gym memberships that cost the earth l, to make small changes that make a huge health difference.  Being part of the Cornwall can community is very special, I feel like I can share my ups and downs with other members who will know how I’m feeling as everyone is on the same journey. 

I look forward to seeing how much we can loose together in 2019!”

We cant wait to see your progress Kim- you CAN do this! #KimCAN

An update from Kim!

18th January 2018

“9lb off in total in 3 weeks! I’m feeling so much better!

The picture on the left is from today vs Christmas day.”

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