We are very excited to have the lovely Koren as a new Cornish Hero. Over the past few months we have watched her amazing journey on Instagram and have been just inspired! Not only by her motivation but also incredible determination and commitment and we for one are very proud of her!

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“Hi there! I’m Koren, a Mummy of two, living in Cornwall. 

In December 2017, my partner of over five years, Leigh, asked me to marry him. A very exciting time for us both, as I’m sure you can imagine. Unfortunately, I couldn’t feel as happy as I wanted to, as I had tipped the scales at a worrying 17st 4lbs, the heaviest I’d ever been, and at 5ft 4 1/2in, I was dangerously overweight. My thoughts of happiness and excitement had quickly turned to thoughts of anxiety and dread. How could I be a fat bride? How could I waddle down the aisle in front of all those people? 

We set our date for June 2020, and that was it! Time to change! 

I began to loosely follow Weight Watchers from home in January 2018, and cut down on my carb intake. The weight began to come off and I felt happier. That is until I fell off the wagon in April and couldn’t get back on track. I had reached 15st 7lbs and thankfully maintained for the remainder of the year. 

In February 2019, feeling the pressure of our wedding slowly creeping up, I came across an Instagram account of a lady called Cheryl, who is a 1:1 Diet consultant. I put off contacting her for some time due to feeling nervous, but I knew I needed to try something new, so I contacted her. After the initial consultation, I felt really positive and like I’d found something special. I so wanted to feel amazing like all the people I followed online, with their outstanding losses and ‘before and after’ pictures. 

On day one, I decided to set up a weight loss Instagram page and a weight loss YouTube channel, Koren’s 1:1 Journey, to log my progress and keep myself motivated. After a month, I’d lost one stone. After my second month, I’d lost another stone. People were starting to notice in my day-to-day life, and ask what my secret was. The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, a mixture of meal replacement products and healthy meals, but most of all, the one-to-one support from my very own consultant. 

Today, after losing nearly five stone in total, I am in the twelve stone bracket, and getting ever closer to my goal weight. When I started my journey, I knew I had over seven stone to lose to reach my healthy BMI, and now I have less than three stone to go. I haven’t only lost weight, I’ve also found myself again. I’ve gained confidence and feel happier. I now enjoy clothes shopping and don’t mind catching my reflection in the mirror. I can run around with my children without getting puffed out, climb the stairs with ease and have even started going back to Zumba classes where I happily dance the night away with my new found energy. 

This is my story, that I am so happy to share, and I feel honoured to be selected as a Cornish Hero. As good as all this is though, it doesn’t compare to the feeling of having other people contact me, saying I’ve inspired them and helped them on their own journeys. My occupation is a carer, and it feels wonderful to be able to help people in many aspects of my life, including with their weight loss. 

Cornwall Can is also something I strongly believe in. When I heard about this amazing venture, to try and get everyone in Cornwall to lose some weight, better themselves, and reverse Type 2 Diabetes, I knew I had to try even harder, for my county! Since then, I’ve used the hashtag #CornwallCan on all of my Instagram posts to show just what Cornwall is capable of doing! 

One year until our wedding now, and I know that I’m going to be the bride I always wanted to be, walking and not waddling down the aisle. 

Thank you for your time and good luck with your own journey. 

Koren “

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