We are looking for teams to take part in our 12 week weight loss challenge #OurteamCAN running between 17th February and 11th May 2020.

How does it work?
Firstly you need to find yourself a team. Whether that is the girls from work, mates from the pub or family members- let’s get healthier together!

Set a goal/ target as a group- working towards it each week.

How you get there is completely up to you and your team(as long as it’s healthy). Whether that be increase your step count, reduce your sugar intake or just start an office hockey match you do it together.

Let us know your progress each week and we will add it to leaderboard. You can even share your experiences with everyone on social media using the #CornwallCan. It’s completely free to enter and is just for fun but if your up for the challenge let us know at CornwallCan@gmail.com

We will need the name of the team and number of participants (ideally maximum of 15), location within Cornwall and most importantly how much combined weight you all want to lose.

So what do you reckon Cornwall, are you up for the challenge?