We have teamed up with Cornwall Councils- Healthy Workforce!

We are looking for workplace teams to take part in our very first #OurteamCAN challenge running between 4th February and 3rd May 2019.

The challenge is to create a team and lose weight , get fitter and healthier together. The reason for this is simple, losing weight on your own is hard and research shows you are more like to stick to a plan of action with people around you.

We also know we spend the largest proportion of time within the workplace. It is a key factor in many of our lives and can play a key role in contributing to the health and well-being of employees and in turn the health of an organisation. We believe that tackling health at work, should lead to a healthier, happier and ultimately more productive workforce!

This is also a great opportunity as an employer to build morale and teamwork into your community.

Also any workplace that is signed up to Cornwall Council’s-Healthy Workplace can receive 10% off Better leisure facilities.

How does it work?

You need to find yourself a team! Ideally we would like no more than ten people per team. You can be from any setting, whether it be a bakery, fishing boat or office. If there is a big workforce you can have as many teams as possible!

You only need one log in per team.

Let admin know how members are in your team and the name of the team. You can either do this Via our email address cornwallcan@gmail.com or in the notes section on your login page.

We will then add your team to our leaderboard on the table below.

We sugguest to weigh everyone as one group- giving you an overall start weight. So if there is 10 people in your group each weighing 150lb you would add the total weight of everyone as your start point- in this case 1500lb. Please don’t worry the website can take this amount of numbers!

The second option is to find a collective total you all want to lose- for example 100lb and set your end target as 0lb. The website would still work out the total pounds lost.

Andthe third option is to create an individual log in for each member. Which can be quite time consuming especially given that you are all have a very hectic workplace!

After registering record your initial overall weight as a group and over the course of 12 weeks motivate and encourage one another to making positive lifestyle changes.

You can also share your teams progress on social media using the hashtag #CornwallCAN and even become a team of #CornishHeros on our website!

This isn’t just about weight. It’s about everyone’s health and wellness. It’s about us getting fitter, healthier and happier. It’s about us setting an example and improving the future for the next generation.

So what do you reckon Cornwall?

Are up for the Challenge?

Workplace teams