Back in 2019, the Slimkings came out on top during our workplace challenge #Ourteamcan. Whilst working together they were able to help improve their own lives but also that of their colleagues. Read their story below

SlimKing’s, a group of colleagues from King’s Service Centre in Newquay, formed in January 2019 as a way of promoting our Healthy Workplace Committee and providing support to those who wanted to shed their unwanted Christmas pounds.

It is widely accepted that weight-loss success is easier when you have accountability to others as well as yourself, and running our weekly Slimmer’s Club for free and during work time made it really simple for members to engage.

We initially started by asking members to follow a single healthy eating plan (Slimming World), however quickly found that this wasn’t working for everyone so we’ve now got members on Atkins, Keto, Slimming World and “just cutting out the crap” diets!

The variety has been a real eye opener and has shown that there isn’t one correct way to lose weight – it’s about finding what works for you.

Here’s what some of our members have to say:

“It’s a great way to share ideas and support each other on our health and wellness journeys. Since joining I have lost almost a stone in weight which I am super proud of!” – Anne

“I joined for the benefit of discussing food ideas and losing weight. Just the fact we are weighed once a week will encourage me to lose weight. I also recently joined a gym as although 80% of losing weight is diet, fitness is a combination of diet and exercise.” – Jez

“I joined to boost my motivation… Working with colleagues, bouncing ideas off each other and supporting each other has helped me lose ½ stone so far” – Sarah

“As a Type 2 Diabetic I need to reduce fat and sugar intake and lose 1 to 2 stone! This will also help my horse! So far I have managed to lose 13 pounds – annoyingly shy of my first stone!” – Chris

To ensure we appreciate the importance of regular exercise as well as a healthy diet, when the weather is nice our Slimmer’s Club becomes a ‘walking meeting’ around the local area, helping us to reach our step goals too.

We also use this as an opportunity to get our litter-picking equipment out so we can give a little back to our beautiful little corner of Cornwall.

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