Why social media?

Social media is everywhere! Never before has communicating been this easy. Whether it be taking photographs of monuments in Truro or simply saying you have finished a coffee in Looe. The world is continuously updating and providing each other with information.

It’s a quick, simple way to update everyone at the same time. Often without having to even log in! Most importantly for now it’s free! So let’s male the most out of it and get something great out of it all.

I want to be able to use social media in a positive way! For there to be no reason to hide behind filters and a screen. But to encourage one another by sharing our experiences. From new adventures like taking up a new sport, sharing a weight loss journey or even just a picture of your delicious lunch!

That’s right! Cornwall Can really wants you to share pictures of your dinner! But why I hear you ask. Well quite frankly who doesn’t like to see pictures of nice food. This is also a great opportunity to share our healthy creations with each other. Simple!

To add us we are at CornwallCanFitness

before uploading tag CornwallCanFitness into the picture and you will appear on our feed 🙂

Equally if you wanna way to track your progress each week and have a Fitbit, then why not join our very own challenge group. Ok so getting healthy isn’t a competitive sport but on the plus side it can help you stay motivated. So click the link below and login.


We are also on Twitter @CanCornwall because quite frankly who doesn’t love a good tweet!

If you are looking for upcoming events that will be held, Facebook is probably almost likely to be the place that they are posted. Again it’s quick and simple to use. It’s also very easy to SHARE (hint hint)

Most importantly you need to have fun with this project. There are times it’s going to be hard but there is a community of people out there in the same boat! Let’s rid the mind of body shaming ourselves and let’s get Cornwall active and having a laugh!

Please remember that if you are looking at doing an activity whether it be old, new or completely different to use the #CornwallCan.