The goal is simple. As a county we will collectively work together as a community to lose 50,000lb in weight over 18 months. This is your chance to do something amazing by changing the way we live, work and play across the county. Making ourselves healthier, fitter and happier.

As from the 1st June 2018, the website will host a free weight loss tracker. You will be able to set your own goals in a time frame that suits you. remember this is a no pressure, non commitment project. You are totally responsible for how this works for you. Making this journey a very personal one. The only information shared will be the running total of pounds lost as a community.

How you lose weight whether it be through increased activity or changing your diet is entirely up to you. Think about the long term plan and set a realistic goal! Cornwall Can wants this to be a safe journey for all involved, therefore a simple set of rules have been developed to maintain this. 7

DO NOT PARTAKE IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY PREGNANT! Also new mums, especially those who are breastfeeding. There is no rush whatsoever into getting back “into shape” you are beautiful just the way you are. Take your time, rest and look after you and baby! 

This campaign is not aimed at children, so if you are worried about your weight or your child’s weight please speak to your GP.

Also see your GP if you have lost weight that wasn’t intentional.

Weight loss and healthier living can be easily achieved through smaller portions and a good nutrition. Please please please don’t partake in fad diets or resort to starvation. You need energy to be able to function, including recovery when you are ill, the body gets this ability from  the food you eats. Putting your body through such methods can be dangerous.

Equally,  don’t be fooled into thinking that losing 20lb in one go is also healthy. It is not! Through losing weight too quickly you can actually develop malnutrition, whereby your immune system can suffer. You need to be aiming for a healthy and achievable goal. The NHS has a wonderful guide to help you along with this. You can find it here.

This can also be said for under taking physical activity. Set yourself a challenge but make sure it’s realistic! If you have never exercised before or have a pre exsisting medical condition please seek advise from your GP. If you sign up to a gym, make sure you speak to the staff and have a proper induction on how to use the equipment. Start with the basics first. Like walking, swimming or gentle jog. Please do not over do it! Make sure that you warm up and cool down at each session to prevent injury. Your safety is the most important part!

The scales are not to be used every day! Every body is different. Some people might get to their goal within 3 months, other people are going to take longer. It is NOT a race or competition. This is about getting healthy and decreasing our risk of developing type 2 diabetes and other illnesses relating to obesity in the future. Research tells us, that by standing on the scales every day we actually become obsessed with the numbers. When it doesn’t go our way, we actually eat more and in some cases become depressed.

Your hard work will pay off over time. But you might notice it in a different way such as your clothes becoming lose.

Most importantly remember to have fun! Get together with friends, have a laugh with one another, support each other. Arrange to go out and meet up for a coffee and cake. You are only human, don’t deny yourself some small pleasures in life. Just enjoy it in moderation instead!

Best of luck with your journey 🙂