Good Morning,

Laura here from Cornwall Can

As you may have noticed over the last few months my presence on social media has dwindled. It has been an incredibly busy year so far.. studying, working full time etc that unfortunately meant Cornwall Can had to be put on the back burner.

I initially thought this would be for a short period of time with me returning to the day to day running of the project as soon as uni was complete. However I have come to realise that actually I have to admit defeat.

I’m exhausted, physically and mentally and I need to rest and as much. As I love running this project, it  is not the best thing for myself, family or growing bump at this time. 

For those taking part, the website is still running and I aim to answer emails and queries ASAP. Remember there is plenty of support out there from local businesses etc all of which can be accessed and found on the website. The hashtag #CornwallCan is still going strong with over 2000 posts on Instagram alone! So keep up the fantastic effort. And I still have over 50 t shorts and pens to give away for those who would like one! 

This is not a goodbye just a lady who realised the importance good mental and physical health. I’m hoping to return back online and rested at the end of December/ beginning of January.

I thank you all for your support so far and I am incredibly proud of you all taking part 

Please keep up the amazing effort 🙂

Laura xx