It’s Laura here from Cornwall Can. Apologies if over the past few weeks there has been limited social media input, posts or even updates but the past few weeks have been incredibly though. I wont bore you all with the in’s and out’s but basically in short- no one wanted to see a poorly lady ill on the sofa.

As much as I really wanted to set an example to everyone, my body was not going to let that happen. In fact I needed to rest. It happens to everyone and it is not a weakness in the chain. In fact recognizing you are fatigued and unwell is probably better for you overall in the long run.

That said, I am now fighting fit and you can all expect to see some upcoming running videos in the not to distant future. HOORAH!

So whats been happening with Cornwall Can?

OurTeamCAN started today!

We will BE RUNNING #OurTeamCAN from 4th February – May 3rd 2019. It’s all just a little bit of fun but hopefully just another way to encourage and work with one another to improve our overall health. If you have a workplace team that is interested then make sure your workplace is registered with Healthy Workplace Cornwall for a discount of 10% at Better Gyms.

Don’t worry if you have a team outside of the workplace you can still register via our page here.

Meet our Cornish Hero’s

We would like you to meet our Cornish Hero’s- each sharing a unique and personal story that we hope will inspire you all! Some have completed their journey and some are brave enough to share their new journey with us each step of the way!

If you would like to share your experiences, stories or goals with us, then contact us at Cornwallcan@gmail.com you could become one of our #CornishHeros.


We need your help to spread the word of Cornwall CAN to help reach the target!

please share your activities on social media via #CornwallCAN whether it be for new recipes, starting a running journey, new zumba class. remember you CAN do it! show everyone else what they are missing out on too! your success will inspire someone else to join in too!