Hey everyone! Laura here!

I just wanted to let everyone know about theittle added extras that you can find on our website. There are several links under the weight graph after you log in. Here you will find exclusive offers and deals that only apply to Cornwall Can users- including money off classes, free consultations, courses etc. They have each been been donatdd by our lovely supporters and More and more are being added each week so please do take advantage of them whilst they are in place!

exclsuive Cornwall Can offers

We also have a locals link. This has a link to the Better gyms Health Wise scheme. Where if elliglbe you could receive additional support at the gym and membership to all 14 locations across the county for only £20.00 a month instead of £38. It is definitely worth taking look!

We are still looking for some willing and enuathusatic volunteers to become a cornish Hero’s! To no time only share their journey with the county but also to spread the word of Cornwall Can!

If you would like any additional information, support or want to take part please contact cornwallcan@gmail.com