Week number 12! Is a major milestone in this journey of weight loss. You may not think it but actually you have made enough small changes to break habits and create new ones. Meaning you are less likely to go back to your old habits. You have also started the first steps towards breaking complications related to obesity and lowered your chance of type 2 diabetes.

We know the start of this journey hasn’t been easy for some of you. But well done for getting this far! You have done yourself proud! There are so many people out there behind the scenes that are routing for you too. You are certainly not on your own with this at all!

But if you are finding this difficult do not hesitate to contact us at all- even if we can’t we can find someone to point you too.

For now keep up the excellent work!


1st Sepetmeber we have our own Community walk, at the Padstow Way Walk! Come along and bring the dog if needs be it’s a chance to meet others in the same boat and come together as a community.


we also have our health promotion day at StMellion on the 24th Sepetmeber. A chance to ask our advisory service about nutrition, have a body MOT and meet some of he amazing people supporting pu campaign.