Good morning everyone!

Cornwall Can is going amazingly well! We now have 545 people signed up! 6 amazing workplace teams for #ourteamCAN and 3 new supporters of Cornwall Can bringing our total to 83!

The best news however is that we are 10lb away from 1000lb weight lost! Absolutely fantastic! I can not begin to tell you how proud I am! Please keep up the keep Up the great work! I know we CAN DO THIS!

Keeping in theme with #ourteamCAN this we are looking at ways to keep us motivated and on track towards our end goals whilst at work. Below you will find 10 tip tips to help get through the week and keep our energy levels up.

Did you know that on average we will spend one third of our day within the workplace?

However despite our best intentions we can often fall foul of the stresses and complications that come from Work. Tiredness, workload, time restraints etc impact each and every one of us. Combine this with the temptations of sugary snacks, fizzy drinks or added sugar in tea and coffee
To get us through the day and pow! We have derailed our chances of success.

eating breakfast

A healthier breakfast will set you up for the day and stop you becoming hungry before lunch. If you’re not hungry before leaving home, have breakfast at work.

bring your own lunch

It will contain a lot less fat and is generally more cost effective than grabbing a sandwich from a shop. It doesn’t stop at sandwiches either- don’t let your leftovers go to waste. Take them to work!

drink water

sometimes the body can’t distinguish between thirst and hunger. However our brain makes that decision for us. Before snacking- having a glass of water may the thing to keep those hunger pangs at bay!

plan your snacks

Try keeping a healthy snack within reach at all times. When someone offers a biscuit decline and go for the healthier option instead- it might take a little while to do the switch but it’s definitely worth it!

whole grain products

Can keep us fuller for longer- so instead of plain old white bread or rice- why not go for the whole grain option!

go low

try ditching the full fat dips and sauces. Did you know there’s almost 80%fat in mayonnaise?! Switching the sauces could reduce your fat intake. Be mindful that some brands may have added sugar!

five a-day

Are you getting enough fruit and veg? Like the vast majority of people in the UK, we aren’t getting enough! Snacks are just one of the easy ways to implement more into your diet!

ditch those crisp

ok so if you have a real thing for crisps- they can be very hard to give up. But by reducing your crisp intake could help you to reduce your fat intake! The oven baked ones also contain 70per cent less fat too!

Go lean

Rather than filling your lunch with unhealthy meats such as sausages or bacon, try switching to lean meats such as tuna, chicken, turkey or a hard boiled egg. These are great sources of protein too- just what the body needs after completing exercise!

Give soup a try

Why not give homemade soup a try! It’s a healthy way to get more veg into your diet without having to try. It can be frozen and is very cost effective!

If you have any workplace ideas, hints or tips please let us know at